Tribes to Elect May 10

Brief article on upcoming election of Colville Indian Tribal Council from the Omak Chronicle dated 4/24/1958.

This brief article lists the various races for Colville Tribal Council on May 10, 1958. The candidates for the Nespelem district are Marcel Arcasa, Lucy Covington, Cecilia Anne Clark, William Dave Piatote, Calvin A. Clark, and Harvey Moses. Candiadates for the Keller district are Joseph Tonasket and Barney Rickard. Candidates for the Inchelium district are Vivian Ferguson, Pauline Schleuter, Daniel J. Finley, Elizabeth S. Finley, Nellie Rima, and Mark Q. Lemery. Omak district candidates are Aleck M. Louis, David I. Condon, Louis Wapato, Joseph Adolph, David J. Roberts, Ira H. Lumm, and Stephen Cleveland.